A unique funding opportunity to accelerate technology transfer of fusion technologies into non-fusion markets.

As part of the efforts to facilitate the use of fusion technologies and know-how in non-fusion markets, Fusion For Energy with the support of Viromii Innovation launches an Open Call for Fusion Technology Transfer Demonstrator Proposals.

Open to European companies and organisations, the call aims to financially support a demonstrator project, where a technology developed under Fusion for Energy activities is planned to be used in a non-fusion environment. The selected project will be funded with 50.000€.

The applications will be evaluated based on three criteria:

• Feasibility of the demonstrator project
• Innovation potential
• Socio-economic impact

The Evaluation Panel of the call for proposals will select one project to be funded with 50.000 EURO

Who can apply ? The Applicant must be an entity registered in an F4E Member State.

The Applicant is invited to present the planning limited to 8 months starting on the Technology Transfer Demonstrator Project contract signature date.

The demonstrator project shall address technological barriers. The non-fusion application foreseen shall not promote activities, or be related to the military, alcohol, tobacco, religion, politics, intolerance, violence, firearms, pornography, obscenity, gambling or illegal drugs.

When and how to apply ?

The application period opens on the 18th of April 2024 and closes on the 30th of July 2024.

Applicants are requested to submit their proposals in English by email to Miguel Estruch – Technology Transfer Broker (brokers@viromii.com) putting in copy Fusion for Energy’s Technology Transfer Programme (technologytransfer@f4e.europa.eu).

General Information, instructions, and guidelines for preparing and submitting the proposals are presented in the resources section.

OPEN CALL Resources 2024

Download the General Information about the Open call 2024

Download the Cover Letter and Guidelines 2024

Download the Proposal Template and Guidelines 2024

Download the Webinar Presentation (19/06/2024)

Previous project selected

DAES France leverages on a software developed for ITER to open new business perspectives in fission nuclear power plants

Low temperature co-fired ceramic multilayer substrates to offer new competitive products for power electronics, LEDs and sensors applications.

VIA electronic expand its competitive advantage and gets closer to the market thanks to the demonstrator funding

Any questions?

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