Beginning of October 2022, 4 technology transfer brokers from IEIC and KIM attended the Big Science Business Forum in Granada (Spain) with the objectives to promote the portfolio of F4E technologies to other big science companies during dedicated pitching session (Technology Transfer Track) and B2B meetings. This event had been a great opportunity for many F4E suppliers to explore synergies and business opportunities in other big science projects.

IEIC and F4E also launched during BSBF 2022 the next Open Call Fusion Technology Transfer Demonstrator Proposals and actively promoted the funding opportunity during the 2 days to facilitate or accelerate the technology transfer business cases (development of a new market, collaboration between a F4E Supplier and other industry…)

To summarise the brokerage activities performed at BSBF

  • 4 technology transfer brokers for 2 days
  • 15 F4E Suppliers involved on the BSBF (attendance on site or coordination with the brokers)
  • 180 companies contacted prior the event to promote the portfolio of technologies and encourage them to visit the stands or attends the presentations,
  • More than 60 (1/3) participated/registered in at least one TT Track presentation
  • 21 Technology transfer presentation prepared with the F4E Suppliers
  • 8 presentations given by the brokers on behalf of the Suppliers
  • ~15 companies pre-registered to each technology transfer presentation
  • 80 companies met during BSBF (meetings, stand, discussions post presentations)
  • ~10 potential technology descriptions and/or success stories identified
  • >20 promising technology transfer business case identified or created