F4E, EGYC and Thales have developed an innovative gyrotron device able to heat fusion plasma to very high temperatures. This labeled process allows to produce continuous wave (CW) radio frequency (RF) signals at very high-power levels (above 1MW). Numerous applications in the space sector, but also in the industry (welding, heat/surface treatment), or remote energy transfer are possible.

Technology assets

  • Power levels (1 MW @ 170 GHz) unachievable using traditional electron tubes or solid-state amplifiers
  • High frequencies available in the range of 50%.
  • Effective for material heat treatment, steel industry processes, processing of rubber, ceramics sintering, or production of composites.
  • May be used for ultra deep geothermal drilling, remote energy transfer via microwaves or AC/DC energy recovery systems for aircrafts or satellites.

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